Win10PE SE 2017-02-02

Win10PE-SEThe Win10PE SE project provides a basis for building a PE environment using a Windows 10™ DVD and supports both x86 and x64 architectures.
Copying the Windows 10 DVD’s contents to a folder on your hard drive is highly recommended.
It is highly advised to use the “Extract Wim folders” in Utils folder for a faster and more reliable building.
Take pleasure in personalizing it by adding your own application Plugins.

Thank you very much to ALL who help to make live this project and to make it better.

Happy Building, Testing & Using. Have Fun, I hope you like.

Whats New:
Updated Win10PE_SE_2017-02-02

1 – Explorer Shell: Disable the modern Network-Credential UI (and Modern UAC Prompt). Allow to use the Map Networkdrive function from explorer. Thanks to 2aCD
.Net Framework: Fixes an annoying bug with a part of the registry written at the wrong place. Thanks to fredo61
Logon as Admin: fix LogonUI.exe error message with Win10 1607. The Workaround is no longer needed.
2 – Shell & Config: display Windows edition in system properties with Win10 1607 source
CdDrive – X: – Y: Updated ReMount V1.5.1
PPPoE (ADSL, Phone): Not tested with win10, without modem, it should not be far and it would be good to have it.
Calculator: Added XP PowerToy Calc as a fallback for Win10 modern calc or as an option. Thanks to GetWaikTools
Mozilla Firefox: updated v50.1.0.6186
Flash Package: updated v24.0.0.194
Q-Dir Nenad: updated v6.49.4
Rufus: updated to v2.12.1054
USB7ice: (New) Copy an ISO To an USB device. Allow the dual boot Bios/UEFI with compatible ISO
SevenZip 920 File: Fixed due to 7z.exe nsis extract changes.
PluginManager: Updated v.2.14
GetWaikTools: Updated v17.01.0.0 added “xppowercalc” option to download XP PowerToys Calc



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