Parallels Desktop

parallels-desktopParallels Desktop 10 – The most simple, fast and powerful solution to run Windows-based applications on a Mac without rebooting. The choice of the majority of Mac users for more than eight years – sold more than five million copies.

All flavors of Mac in Windows – Run the program from the Windows-Dock, use gestures in OS X, Windows, and copy or drag between Mac and Windows.

Go to a PC on a Mac? – We will help you to easily transfer all your files, programs, browser bookmarks and other data from a PC to a Mac. Simply use our interactive assistants.

High Performance – With support for 16 processors and 64 GB of RAM in the virtual machine you are free to run even the most demanding applications. The rate do not worry.

All the Windows-program for Mac – Run Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player, Access, and hundreds of other applications that are not available on the Mac.

Setting up a single click – creating your virtual machine with Windows, we will automatically configure it for your main tasks: work with office software, design, development and passing games.

Not only for Windows – Thanks to the generous support of operating systems, including OS X Mavericks, Windows 8.1 and 7, Linux, and Google OS, you can do on your Mac almost anything.

Compatibility with OS X Yosemite – We, like you, are looking forward to exit Yosemite. Our engineers are doing everything to Yosemite new opportunities were available in Windows-based applications!

What’s New in v10

Get ready for OS X Yosemite (10.10) You’ll enjoy cool new features of Yosemite in your Windows apps
Open Windows documents 48% faster!
Best performance ever – up to 50% faster and 30% longer battery life
Disk Space Wizard reclaims disk space in a few easy clicks when you need it most
Virtual Machines use less memory, helping you get the most out of your Mac
Mac native “Share” to Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo etc. in Windows applications

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