TaskUnifier 4.3.4

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http://images2.p30world.com/hamed/July-2013/Dlbazar/TaskUnifier_E.jpgTaskUnifier is an application designed to help you increase productivity by offering a simple and effective means of managing your tasks. With it you can create detailed calendar entries for projects, assign a priority level and let the application notify you of upcoming deadlines.

User-friendly interface

From the get-go TaskUnifier will strike you as having a neatly organized graphical user interface, an important aspect since it would be ironic to waste time looking to understand how you create and configure a task.

That won’t be an issue because adding tasks is easy to do, takes up little time and once you really familiarize yourself with it, it becomes much more efficient. TaskUnifier’s layout is a standard one, in which you have a side panel with folders that contain all your tasks sorted by importance, due date and other criteria, along with multiple tabs in which you can view details and edit them.

Manage task templates

Chances are that a lot of the tasks you undertake are repetitive and for this reason, TaskUnifier allows you to create and manage multiple templates which you can use in future events. This enables you to schedule tasks much faster and save time when you need to add more than one.

TaskUnifier makes it possible to add as many entries as you need. To ensure that you can easily locate one inside your full calendar, the application provides a search function which you can use. Sorting by priority and due date is also available as well as generate recurring tasks.

An easy to use task manager

In closing, we can say that TaskUnifier is a practical tool if you’re looking to create a rigorous task calendar to ensure you don’t miss deadlines. It’s easy to use, offers a wide range of options and despite the fact that it tends to freeze for a short time now and then, it’s still a good choice.

New in version 4.3.4 (January 31st, 2015)
– Major:
• TaskUnifier Pro becomes free !
– Minor:
• Sort order of dates without time

Language: English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Chinese, Polish, Russian, Turkish

OS: Windows All

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