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Download MAGIX MP3 Deluxe MX MAGIX MP3 deluxe MX is the perfect MP3 program for your music collection! Discover an incredible range of function and flexibility that no other music program can offer! Find cool new music and enjoy your complete CD collection and all your MP3s on your PC. Find exactly what you want with the super fast search and filter functions! Arrange your music according sound and find tracks, artists and albums, create automatic playlists with just one click or fill in missing track info.

All functions :

Import CDs, audio books and all kinds of music

Import CDs and transfer your entire music collection to your PC quickly and easily – now every song, album and artist can be found and accessed quickly! MAGIX MP3 deluxe MX makes importing multiple CDs, compilations or audio book collections child’s play. All CDs in a group are automatically labelled and imported in the correct order. Track name, album, and artist are automatically added (freeDB, mufin audioid).

High quality file conversion: MP3, WAV, OGG etc

MAGIX MP3 deluxe MX excels at managing music and converting all common audio file formats such as WAV, OGG into MP3s and other formats. Its fast MP3 converter converts music in high quality for perfect sound in every situation.

Find artists, albums, and songs super fast

A search and filter function can be indispensable if you have a large music collection. MAGIX MP3 deluxe MX is more organised and finds songs faster so you can enjoy your music to the max.
Whether individual songs, entire albums, or various artists – with the convenient filter and quick search features you can find any song in your music collection in no time at all, as all the filters and search functions work in real time. So you can see the results as you search!

NEW! Extra search filters for more detailed searches

Find music faster than ever before! Using the new search filters you can instantly find the tracks, genre or album you’re looking for more efficiently and conveniently than ever before.

As well as horizontal filters there are also extra vertical filters, which allow for quick, custom searches. So you needn’t filter for three options simultaneously, you can choose to filter just one if that’s what you want.

NEW! mufin Vision and the breathtaking Galaxy view

Your personal music universe in your own hands – experience a new way of discovering music!

The 3D music universe, mufin Vision, and brand new Galaxy View are an attractive alternative to the conventional way of displaying music in lists. This way you can listen to songs, intuitively create playlists, or search for tracks by using the direct search function. The 3D music universe can be freely navigated and allows you to discover your music collection and experience it in a brand-new way – give it a try! PLUS! Touch mode: Use multi-touch enabled devices to discover your 3D music universe.

Arrange your music collection according to audio characteristics

Discover a totally new way of listening to music by sorting all songs according to similarity in real-time. You will literally “surf” through your music collection. Simply select a starting track and your entire collection will be rearranged. Discover a brand-new way of creating playlists: all songs in the database are sorted according to their sound characteristics and displayed in categories based on similarity. This way you’ll not only rediscover old hits and music you haven’t listened to in a long time, you’ll also have access to playlists with songs “that match each other”.

Automatic quick print feature for CD covers

MAGIX MP3 deluxe MX can automatically create booklets and track lists for songs compiled in a playlist. Select your own pictures for a personal CD cover or use the automatically created collages made up of different cover images of your selected songs.

Many improvements to details for even better performance

MAGIX MP3 deluxe MX has handy new features that provide optimised workflows and improve performance and stability.

Faster program start

Simplified CD import feature

Individual songs can now be played on a continuous loop

Newest version: MAGIX Music Editor 3.1

Countless improvements to details

Download MAGIX MP3 Deluxe MX 18