Kaspersky Endpoint Security Final – Security Software

Kaspersky-Endpoint-SecurityKaspersky Endpoint Security provides comprehensive protection for endpoints ( computers, laptops ) from known and unknown threats , network and phishing attacks and other unwanted information .
Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 for Windows ( workstation ) – a modern multilevel protection of computers and laptops running Windows in the local area network .
Comprehensive protection against all kinds of threats provided a multilevel system that includes launch control and activity programs, control of external devices, web control access to resources on the Internet and malware protection , online and network threats .

Each type of threat is controlled and handled by a separate component of Kaspersky Endpoint Security. The components can be switched on and off independently , and adjust the various parameters of operation , providing optimal protection.
Centralized management tool in the protection of the organization’s network Kaspersky Security Center allows you to remotely install an antivirus solution on workstations , configure the security settings for the computers on the network , manage software updates and anti-virus database , monitor the status of protection and react to events.

Encryption in Kaspersky Endpoint Security
Kaspersky Endpoint Security allows you to encrypt files stored on a local drive and removable storage media , removable media and hard drives entirely . Data encryption reduces the risk of accidental release of information in case of theft / loss of a laptop computer , removable media or hard drive , or data access by unauthorized users and programs.
Kaspersky Endpoint Security provides the following areas of data protection :
• Encrypt files on your local drive .
• Encrypt data on removable media .
• Control over access to encrypted files programs . For any program, you can define a rule access to encrypted files , denying access to encrypted files or allow access to encrypted files only as ciphertext .
• Creation of encrypted archives . You can create encrypted archives and protect access to these files with a password. Access to the contents of encrypted files can only be accessed after entering the password , which you have protected archives. Such files can be safely transmitted over the network or on removable media .

New in version (MR1)
• Encryption hard drives :
The list of supported authentication agent in keyboard layouts.
Added automatic compatibility checking boot disk with the authentication agent before the start encrypting hard drives .
Added the ability to obtain diagnostic information about the encrypted device of recovery utilities FDE Recovery Tool.
Improvements to the functionality of the automatic logon to the operating system after a successful authentication to the authentication agent .
Improved performance of file encryption (FLE) and hard drives (FDE).
• In order to increase the protection of functional control program activity included in the basic protection (Core).
• Added delay when accessing the activation server to minimize load when activated c program using an activation code using Kaspersky Security Center, as well as the activation of the program with an additional key.
• Improvements to the functionality of the other components of the program.
• Added support for operating systems Microsoft Windows 8.1 and Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2.
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