Mozilla SeaMonkey 2.49.3

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mozilla-seamonkeyMozilla SeaMonkey  is an all-in-one internet application suite: tabbed web-browser, advanced e-mail and newsgroup client, IRC chat client, and HTML editing made simple – all your Internet needs in one application. The SeaMonkey project is a community effort to deliver production-quality releases of code derived from the application formerly known as “Mozilla Application Suite” and is the codename for the Mozilla browser. They include the NGLayout/Gecko layout engine and are built atop the XPCOM component architecture. Whereas the main focus of the Mozilla Foundation is on Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird, our group of dedicated volunteers works to ensure that you can have “everything but the kitchen sink” – and have it stable enough for corporate use. This is the latest version of the SeaMonkey application suite, including Navigator, Messenger, and Composer.

Tabbed browsing gives you a better way to surf the net. You no longer have to open one page at a time. With tabbed browsing, open several pages at once with one click. Plus, your homepage can be multiple pages, in tabs.

Popup blocker lets you surf the web without interruption from annoying ads.
Image Manager lets you block images to remove offensive images or speed up the rendering of web sites.

Find as you type gives you another way to navigate a page. Just start typing to jump from link to link or to find a word or phrase within a page.
Plus all the features a modern browser should have including: Advanced security settings; Password, Download, and Cookie managers; Themes; multi-language and multi-platform support; and, the latest in Web Standards.

Mail & Newsgroups :
Junk mail controls helps you take back control of your e-mail from spammers. SeaMonkey’s adaptive junk mail control gets smarter with use and is personalized to the e-mail that you receive.

Manage your mail with customizable Labels and Mail Views. Color code your e-mail to help you prioritize. Sort your mail with views to help you through your e-mail much faster.
Multiple Accounts support helps you manage all your mail through one interface.

SeaMonkey Messenger includes Enterprise ready features such as S/MIME, return receipts, Address Books, LDAP support, and digital signing.

SeaMonkey’s powerful yet simple HTML editor keeps getting better with dynamic image and table resizing, quick insert and delete of table cells, improved CSS support, and support for positioned layers. For all your documents and website projects, Composer is all you need.
What’s New in SeaMonkey :

SeaMonkey contains the following major changes relative to SeaMonkey :

SeaMonkey-specific changes
The DoNotTrack and Prompt on Sanitize preferences are now kept in sync.
A pref (mailnews.p7m_external) has been added to allow users to choose an alternate application/pkcs7-mime handling.
Support for Atom Threading Extensions (RFC 4685) has been added.
Migrating profiles from Thunderbird supports the new signons file format now (support for the old format has been dropped).
Autocomplete drop-downs (e.g. used on the Location Bar and Open Location dialog) now show favicons for their entries.
The account name is now displayed in the status bar for all messages when checking mail.
IMAP alert messages now show the server of the corresponding mail account.
Newsgroup names are now searched for all search strings combined (AND-search) on the subscribe dialog.
See the changes page for a more complete overview.

Mozilla platform changes
Removed support for importing logins from the legacy signons.txt format, including the Base64 conversion (bug 717490).
Enabled support for TLS 1.2 (RFC 5246) by default (bug 861266).
Added support for the SPDY 3.1 protocol
Added ability to reset style sheets using all:unset
Added support for scrolled fieldsets (overflow property support, bug 261037).
Implemented allow-popups directive for iframe sandbox, enabling increased security (bug 766282).
Unprefixed CSS cursor keywords -moz-grab and -moz-grabbing (bug 880672).
Added support for ES6 generators in SpiderMonkey (blog post).
Implemented support for mathematical function Math.hypot() in ES6 (bug 896264).
Added dashed line support on Canvas (bug 768067).
Fixed Azure/Skia content rendering on Linux (bug 740200).
Fixed several stability issues.
The changes page lists a more detailed overview of new features and fixes relative to our last stable release, SeaMonkey 2.23. Relevant security fixes are listed on Security Advisories for SeaMonkey.

Download Mozilla SeaMonkey 2.49.3