compare-256Compare++ is a smart, powerful, reliable and handy visual file comparison tool that offers many useful additional features and functions. Coode Compare++(Compare plus plus, CMPP for short), is a visual language-aware file comparison tool tailored for programmers and web developers, which provides many unique features for comparing source files.

Compared with other file comparison tools, the great process made in Compare++ is using language-aware structured comparison engine with two comparison modes (“Code-oriented” and “Text-oriented”) to compare source files. Through completely understanding of code structures, you can get more precise code comparison results and abundant post-comparison features.

For example, you can ignore some language-related secondary change such as comment, space, tab, line breaking and other formatting changes which don’t have any impact on compiler. Another example is, in just two clicks, you can quickly select and compare two C# methods. Relatively speaking in the past, you may need selecting, copying and pasting them manually to do the same thing.

In order to help you review code structure changes, a dockable pane “Function View” is provided, in which all structure such as function, class or namespace changes(modified,removed or added) are listed.

Besides, Compare++ provides “Compare Sections…” feature to help you compare two similar functions even in two completely different source files. And using Compare++, you can also combine two completely different source files into one file.

What you can do with Compare++
Language-aware structured comparison for C/C++, Java, C#, Javascript, CSS, …
Compare++ parses source files with built-in analysis for C/C++, C#, Java, php, html, Javascript, CSS3 and other languages, auto-extract the structured code tree and highlight syntax.
It can NOT ONLY compare the file content, but also display and report all function, classes, namespace changes in a side-by-side Function View.
In the Function View, you can customize filter mode to only display modified functions.
Optionally ignore comment, white-space, case and formatting changes as newlines
During code refactoring, you often need to refine some comments, do some formatting change to improve readability, move some codes or switch between uppercase and lowercase to keep code style consistent.
If no customizable option to ignore these secondary change, the comparison process will very time-consuming and boring.
With Compare++, you will not worry about this again becauase when comparing folders or files, all you need to do is ONE STEP to ignore these changes.
Unique ability to align moved sections such as C++ function, Java namespace, C# method, CSS selector, …
In the source files of different version, the position of some functions or other sections often move. They usually can’t be aligned and makes us very troubling to compare.
Using Compare++, this process will become so simple that you only need ONE-CLICK way to align and compare all of them quickly.
Compare two folders at high speed and display results side by side
Compare++ can compare two folders quickly and display the comparison results side by side. In the view, you can sort all files by modified time, size or name and activate file view to look at the detailed changes.
Snapshot some changes, add comments, and then email it to discuss
In the process of code review, sometimes you have questions about some code changes.
Using Compare++, you can snapshot the change or capture the whole window, add your comments and email to team member for discussion.
Easily integrate into SCM such as SVN, Git, Perforce, Microsoft TFS, SourceSafe, CVS, …
You can integrate Compare++ into all version control systems as long as they supports command line interface.
Generate snapshot, HTML or text report
Using Compare++, you can snapshot one difference, generate HTML or text report and them email or save them.

Why Compare++ stands out
For comparing files,
Real syntax-aware structured compare
Ignore comment, formatting(includes line breaks/newlines), words specified by regular expression
Unique ability to align and compare move functions, classes, namespaces
Deep parse and align code syntax, structures and scopes such as {}
Provide a pane Function View to list all code structure changes
User can freely select two structures to do compare and don’t need copy-paste
Visually display comparison results in side-by-side or over-and-under window
Provide an overview bar with linear, Piecewise linear and logarithmic models to help locate differences
Support browsing comparison results in combined mode
One step to merge multiple differences
Support Unicode and Multilanguages
Unlimited text length in a line
Support HTML and text report
Support word wrap
Highlight syntax

For comparing folders,
Generate unified diff report in only one file
Compare folders at high speed
Filter some specified files and folders
Ignore files which only have some comments, whitespace, or case changes
Display system icons according to file type
Sort by modified time,size or file name
One step to activate file view to look at the detailed comparison results
Powerful “Compare with…” feature to compare any two selected files

For usability,
Integrate into Windows Explorer’s context menu
One step to open containing folder in explorer
Rich customizable shortcuts make operations easier
Automatically detect file and folder changes in disk
Friendly and configurable user interface makes it easy to use and get started quickly
Integrate with other products such as version control system with command line interface
Multitab interface makes it convenient to compare multiple files and folders in a single process

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