Unified Color 32 Float 3.1.0 build 11364 Plugin for Adobe Photoshop

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32FloatUnified Color 32 Float – the first full-featured editor highly accurate images (32 bits / channel) for Adobe Photoshop, based on color patterns Beyond RGB. You can adjust color, brightness and contrast while maintaining the image in 32-bit mode. You’ll get clear, photo-realistic images without ghosting and color distortion.

Features plug-in:

Provides unprecedented 32-bit image editing tools for Photoshop via filter plug-in.
Enables local HDR editing on 32-bit images via layer masks prior to tone mapping or return tone mapped images to 16 or 8-bit to Photoshop.
Accepts 8, 16 & 32-bit RGB images as input from any source in Photoshop.
HDR image brightness histogram with visible range indicator and digital readout for RGB and Bch values.
Based on Unified Color’s patented Beyond RGB color model, allowing for tonal adjustments without color shifts or halos.
Adjust HDR tonal range with Brightness / Contrast, Local Contrast, Shadow / Highlight and Veiling Glare correction tools.
Adjust HDR color with White Balance, Saturation and Selective Color Tuning Controls.
Best of class halo reduction algorithms.
Perform Sharpening and Noise Reduction on 32-bit Images.
Single click Dynamic Range Mapping tool.
Save favorite settings as presets.
Save favorite processing steps as recipes to apply to other images.

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