roomeon 3D-Planner 1.6.2

roomeon-3D-PlannerWouldn’t it be great to be able to see if your furniture is going to fit before you move it? Or how a color will look on your walls before you paint them? With Roomeon 3D-Planner, you can. If you’ve ever used 3D panoramic software to shop for apartments, tour historic buildings, or devastate the enemy, you’ve seen Roomeon 3D-Planner’s basic operation. This free 3D interior design application lets you create virtual models of your rooms and furnishings, down to the exact dimensions, that you can arrange, rearrange, and rearrange again, without lifting a finger (not counting mouse clicks). You can create virtual rooms, too — as many and as different as you like. You must register online to enable all of Roomeon’s features, including the ability to save and load your projects, but registration is free, and you can log on as a guest to try the software before you register. You can log in through Facebook, too. Registering also enables the Roomeon Portal feature.

Getting started with Roomeon means setting up a 3D model of the room you wish to decorate and learning to use the program’s 3D-Navigation technology. Neither is difficult, thanks in part to Roomeon’s wizard-like interface (the video introduction is only available in German). Setup involves three main steps: Footprint, with templates available to help you set your floor plan; Walls & Floors, where you give structure to your space; and Objects, including furnishings. Roomeon’s grid plan, icon-based toolbar, and integrated Help sidebar make what would otherwise be a very complicated procedure surprisingly easy, though we recommend starting with the most basic options and building up detail as you go. Roomeon’s 3D engine reduces resolution during operations and then restores fine detail, which the developer claims reduces processing power and improves rendering. Decorating your rooms involves browsing catalogs of available colors and furnishings, including some famous brand names.

Once you’ve gotten the feel for navigating with Roomeon, you can zoom in and out, view from any angle, and quickly apply changes. Whether you use it to model your own space or create your dream room, let Roomeon 3D-Planner move the furniture first.

Roomeon is a 3D room planner which makes it totally easy to design your rooms just by drag&drop. Thousands of real products available. It is free for personal usage. Try us first, even without signup.

• Intelligent Rendering
The program reacts to your speed. If you move fast, the gloss goes. Once you stand still, welcome back to foto-realism. A unique feature which spares you long loading times.
• Light & Shadow
Integrated light-function lends your room authenticity. Let the sun shine in. Or get comfy, and close the blinds. A light-flooded living room or an atmospheric office environment – simple mouse clicks bathe your rooms in the desired light.
• Naturally in 3D
Rooms are 3dimensional. That’s why roomeon is, too. With our unique software, each new room looks and feels real right from the beginning. Our 3D-view gives you room authenticity and correct size relations in amazing visual quality.

NEW: If you publish your design, roomeon will create this interactive 360° view automatically.

What’s new in 1.6.2 version – 06.09.2014:
• Better snapping on creating wall points
• Better check for valid floor plans
• Better display of angles and wall measures
• Optimised generation of 3D showrooms
• Optimised download of 3D objects and materials
• Floorplans can now moved and zoomed with your keyboard
• Additional description fields for 3D showrooms
• New shortcuts for options and tools
• Better display of the help panel (now left)

Limitations in the free version:
• Includes only 10 storage slots for your room designs
• All screenshots are watermarked

Recommended hardware
To achieve a smooth sense of graphical feedback, we recommend the following configuration of your computer or better:
– processor: AMD Turion 64 X2 / Intel Core 2 Duo
– memory: 2 GB
– graphics card: Vidia GeForce 8 / ATI HD2000 mit 256 MB RAM
– operating system: Windows XP SP3
– internet bandwidth: 6 Mbit/s

Language: English
OS: WinXP, WinVista, Win7, Win8

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