BrillKids Little Musician Pro 1.5.855

BrillKids-Little-Musician-ProWant to teach music to your young child but not sure how? Little Musician is exactly what you have been looking for! Little Musician makes teaching easy and learning music so enjoyable for your child – create your own lessons, customize your playback settings and note icons, create and edit sound files, or organize your child’s learning library!

Premade Curriculum
The premade early learning music curriculum is ready for playback as soon as you’ve downloaded and imported the lessons into your Little Musician. All you need to do is choose the semester and day you are in, then press PLAY!

Child Profiles
Using Little Musician with more than one child? Set up separate profiles for each child and Little Musician will automatically keep track of each child’s lesson playback progress for you!

Library Back-up Creator
Little Musician lets you backup your whole lesson library (in case you need to reformat your computer) so you know your data will always be safe.

Support Tools
If you experience any problem while using Little Musician, whether the sound isn’t heard completely or if you need further technical assistance, help will always be a few clicks away! Just launch the Support Tools window to apply some initial fixes or to send your message and diagnostic report to the BrillKids Team.

Sing in Solfege
Your child will learn to sing music notes in Solfege (do, re, mi, etc.), and develop the most important instrument your child will ever have – the voice box!

Develop a ‘Good Ear’
Your child will learn to recognize notes and chords she hears, and thereby improve her sense of sound and pitch.

Sight-Read Music
Your child will learn to identify notes that are written on the musical staff, allowing her to be able to sight-read written notes and simple melodies.

Sense of Rhythm
Through ‘clap-along’ lessons, your child will start to develop the ability to move in rhythm to music. ‘Rhythm Syllables’ lessons also will teach your child to sight-read music with different rhythms.

Musical Instruments
Your child will learn about all major instruments (string, brass, woodwind, keyboard and percussion) as she hears the sounds they make and sees the way they are played.

Classical Music and Composers
Your child will get acquainted with famous composers and compositions (baroque and classical, romantic, and modern popular classics) through the different classical pieces played daily.

Musical Keyboard
Your child will also gain familiarity with the musical keyboard and how each key corresponds with the different pitches and Solfege syllables.

What’s new in version 1.5.855:
– Multilingual support.
– Added support for Windows 8 / 8.1.
– In addition, it’s a bug fixing release.
– Can edit and create your own Little Musician lessons (Pro Only).

Download BrillKids Little Musician Pro 1.5.855