SereneScreen Marine Aquarium 3.3.6381

You have never seen an Aquarium simulator like this!

Marine life so vibrant, movement so real.
You won’t believe your eyes!
Indescribable realism and colors.
An incredible new high-definition 3D tank, bringing a whole new definition to 3D aquarium simulations.
No more 8-fish limit.
The larger tank can handle up to 30 fish at once.

Multi-monitor support.
Spread your aquarium across two or even three screens.
Music play-list.
Choose your own MP3 or other music files to play in the background as you watch the Aquarium.
Six moving Background Objects.
Keep track of the time and date while enjoying the fish.
Custom Logo support.
Add your custom logo to the crystal in the tank.

Download SereneScreen Marine Aquarium 3.3.6381