XLN Audio Addictive Drums 2 V2.1.6

XLN.Audio.Addictive.Drums.dlAddictive Drums is one of the most powerful and popular drum softwares in the world and can be heard on countless hit songs and albums.
The unique architecture, fast loading times and flexibility makes it the first choice for many musicians and music producers.
Three pristine drum kits, 100+ producer presets and thousands of MIDI rhythms are included.
Load a complete drum kit with mixer settings and insert effects — with one click!
Choose from the thousands of beats and fills played by professional drummers, drag and drop the beats into your DAW host and build a drum track in minutes!
Full E-drum support makes it a breeze to use Addictive Drums with an electronic drum kit.

Addictive Drums is an expandable product giving you the choice to build a library of sounds and beats to match your own production style – add more kits and presets with ADPAKs, add more beats, fills and grooves with MIDIPAKs, or just one piece at the time with KITPIECE PAKs.
Create your own unique drum sound by mixing and matching drum kits, beats and kit pieces and applying professional effects.
1.Addictive Drums RTAS is VST wrapper and not suit for custom installation. Use your own RTAS-VST adaptor instead.
2.Factory content has been changed.
We strongly recommend you to use our integrated v1.5.3 library.
Not tested with former releases by other groups.
3.If you want to delete previous user settings before installation, delete “Addictive Drums” folder from your Documents dir.

Downlaod XLN Audio Addictive Drums 2 V2.1.6