VNC Network Monitor 7.2 portable

vncVNC Network Monitors main use is to Monitor Network activities on authorized LAN Networks in real-time with a very fast ping scan, it will only scan 50 Hosts per Network about 5 X Routers and let’s you know live hosts from dead hosts this is very good for finding open Computers as such. It will also display on UI in real-time when scan is still running, so no more adding each host you need to that Network. The Background Scan is an automated scan process in the Background that loops every 20 Minutes refreshing for new hosts on the Network, You can also change the Telnet port and you have to select each Router IP range. So that if you use for example: 192.168.1 from box? Your Router would have to be “” very simple to use really! The Host is generated for you, so you can leave that bit and now the left click Menu has loads of very cool features, the very fist option is the Windows Telnet Client and the next option is the NetBIOS table in Windows.

The Explorer option is to open a Computer which has shared network resources and the next option is the FTP option that opens your default Web Browser as a single process to view files on your FTP Server on that host, this is also the same as the HTTP option on the Menu. Now depending on which VNC Client you have near this Software? You can use the VNC option on the left click menu and that will open up a Remote Desktop session using any remote VNC server for each host, this is usually really good for monitoring users activities as such! And some vnc Clients have the FTP function also you you can copy files from and to each server very cool, While the status bar shows you the scan on each host in real-time on the Network.

Program Features:

1. Ping Scan!
2. No PayPal Donations SPAM!
3. Easy To Use
4. Compatible With Windows 8
5. Very Lightweight
6. User Elevation
7. Newer Interface
8. Background Scan
9. Open Computer via Explorer etc.
10. VNC Remote Desktop Monitoring
11. RDP Remote Desktop Monitoring

Whats New:
Current version: 7.2 (released 24.03.2015)
=== BUGS ===
Second UI Bug Fixed

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