Corel Painter Essentials

Corel Painter Essentials provides users everything needed for drawing and digital image processing. The product uses a number of practices, earlier implemented in the package Corel Painter – the world’s best set of tools for creating illustrations. Budding artists and professionals are guaranteed to have a blast in the representation of the diversity of brushes, pencils, paper textures etc.

Note for users of versions of Corel Painter Essentials proposes two separate workspaces: Drawing & Painting and Photo Painting, the first of which is for drawing and one for editing photos. The Brush tool Drawer allows you to quickly find the right brush and palette Color Mixer and simplify the selection of colors.
A simple program for art digital image processing and drawing, focused on home users.

Corel Painter Essentials can operate in two modes: drawing and working with photos. The program has a convenient choice of brushes with the ability to create a list of frequently used brushes, palette for easy mixing and choice of colors, special tools for creating paintings from photos. Available in Corel Painter Essentials system drawing RealBristle increases the responsiveness of the brush on the movement of the artist and is the basis for digital painting. … [ Read more ]

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