FotoWorks XL 2021 21.0.2

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Now you can edit your digital photos and graphics very easy and comfortable with this innovative Photo Editing Program “FotoWorks XL “. The extensive functions for image editing are arranged in a very clear menu structure and for better control you can see always the original picture and the edited version of your pics!

Fotoworks XL  is particularly suitable for beginners of all ages, but also for advanced users.
The Photo Software provides extensive image editing and printing functions for custom made photo albums, photo cards or photo calendars or for the printing of photos in all standard sizes. Also included is a very easy photo collage maker and many batch processing routines for exposure compensation or other recording errors of whole image series or complete image folders or for example to add easily to all your photos a copyright watermark, to prevent theft, if you want to publish your images to the web!
On top there are integrated a lot of functions for light reflections, photographic effects to make your photos to unique works of art!

Photo Editing

Preview Original and edited picture

Batch processing for editing and saving

Brightness photo editing software

Color and Contrast Correction

Sepia Effekts photo editing software

Black and White Effects

Color Correction RGB photo imaging software

Rotate and Flip pictures

Remove Red Eyes

Sharpen / Blur

Cut and Crop Pictures








Noise Color
Noise Mono



Ripple tooth
Import from digital camera
Import your pictures from your camera
Read EXIF datas of the camera

Included Morphing Effect for funny pictures
Prepare Photographic Paper
Choose your favourite size
9 x 13 cm
10 x 15 cm
13 x 18 cm
20 x 30 cm

Insert Texts in a multiline format

Pick color of Text with pipettev

Draw / Retouch / Airbrush
Choose your favorite brush form, size and color or pick the color with the pipette.

Print Picture in Picture
With Mask Effects
Several Formats with hard and soft Borders
Import of transparent or rotated Pictures
Choose correct order of pictures by yourself
Insert Cliparts
Insert transparent or rotated Cliparts
Choose correct order of Cliparts by yourself
Insert Symbols and Lines
choose Symbols like – Circle, Triangle, Pentagon, Star or Line
select any color you like
freely selectable line width and borders
Import of transparent or rotated Symbols
define correct order of Symbols by yourself

Create collage / Design Presentations – Photo Collage Maker

design new Presentations by using Pictures, Symbols, Text and Cliparts , Collages

Convert Picture – Convert Image

Convert pictures to the formats: BMP, GIF, TIF, TIFF, JPG, JPEG with batchprocessing

Colors of the Program
Pick your favourite background color of the program
Better quality of Pictures

Manipulate your pictures without loss = better results
Addons free Download
New Borders
New Cliparts
New Masks
Advanced printpreview

Print Preview with Thumbnails and Stand alone Pictures
Settings of Printer, Zoom and Page possible

Print Calendar…

Print Calendars with your own Pictures and choose several Layouts for different years
Star Cut/ Life-sized Poster Printing – Photo Crop

Print your Posters life-sized or up to a size of 4 x 4 m
Stick the detail sites to one big poster or wallpaper.
Send pictures by Email
All Pictures were automatically converted and send by email
Three Picture Sizes for including in email available

Print Photo Album

Print your Photo Album with Title, Text Descriptions, Borders, Shadows, Footer and Date

Download FotoWorks XL 2021 21.0.2