3DVista Stitcher 4.0.70

Stitcher 4 helps you convert a set of pictures into beautiful panoramas. The choice of professionals and enthusiasts alike, 3DVista Stitcher 4 combines ease of use with comprehensiveness: One-click simplicity leads you through each stage of the process to ensure you have top quality panoramas stitched in no time.

Stitcher 4 supports all popular cameras and lens types including standard, wide angle, Fisheye and One-shot lenses. It allows for full or partial, cubic, spherical and small-planet panoramas. Includes BATCH function, which stitches all your panoramas at the end and at once, saving you a lot of waiting time in between the editing processes of the single projects.

3DVista Stitcher 4 is the only program on the market that can stitch 3DVista’s unique Live Panoramas* and Adaptative HDR Panoramas*, which can later be used and published via Virtual Tour Pro.
Support for all kinds of cameras and lenses

3DVista Stitcher stitches photos taken with almost any kind of camera and lens. Optimum results are achieved with popular lenses including wide angle lenses, fisheye lenses, one shot lenses or 6 cube faces made with CAD but even photos taken with point and shoot cameras or mobile phones are supported.
Automatic Control Points Detection

3DVista Stitcher can stitch your photos entirely on its own by automatically detecting control points – those points that appear in two adjacent photos, which are taken to merge or overlap the two. However, you can always add/place/change/delete control points yourself to optimize the result if you wish.
Single, Double row and free stitching
If you don’t have a wide angle lens, you can still create a great panorama by stitching a larger number of images. Don’t miss the panorama, just because you only have a point and shoot camera or a cell phone. Free stitching allows to stitch photos that have been taken “zig-zag” with your phone.
Standard HDR Stitching

HDR (High Dynamic Range) is a great feature to enhance your panoramas and virtual tours. A normal photo -without HDR- can have areas that are over- or underexposed, usually both, which results in a loss of detail in bright or dark areas.

HDR compensates for this loss of detail: You capture each shot various times at different exposure levels (i.e. take each shot three times) and combine them to produce one photo representative of a broader tonal range. This means that in the final photo we will have the optimal exposure of dark and bright spots respectively combined (which initially come from different photos). This is especially useful for indoor panoramas where you have windows or lamps.

3DVista Stitcher has a feature that allows you to stitch HDR panoramas with one click. Simply select all photos and click on standard HDR stitching. You’ll get a stunning HDR panorama in no time.

Adaptive HDR Stitching

3DVista developed a technology that takes advantage of the benefits of HDR while making the panoramas look more natural and real. Adaptive HDR is a feature that is exclusive to 3DVista technology that you won’t find in any other software.
We were inspired by the behavior of the actual human eye whenever it has to deal with very dark and very bright spots in real life. What the human eye does is it adapts to light and dark dynamically by adjusting the iris depending on the area your iris focuses on. With 3DVista’s adaptive HDR, we are mimicking this natural behavior. So what adaptive HDR does is that rather than having the optimal exposure levels fixed in your panoramas, it dynamically adjusts them depending on where in the panorama you are looking in real time. It lets you experience how exposure and luminosity adapt in every area of the panorama just as the human iris would, letting you see places the way they actually look in reality.
Live Panoramas
Our latest innovation and unique to 3DVista, Live Panoramas take virtual tours to the next level. If you take the (exact) same panorama over a period of time and select the Live Panorama Stitching mode, you will get an immersive panorama that shows the course of time and perfectly reflect the atmosphere of a place. It merges your panoramas to create a seamless, time-lapse panorama that allows you to see magical moments, such as the sunrise, in 360°. It couldn’t get any more real!
Automatic Color and Exposure correction
If your individual photos show a lot of difference in color, don’t worry: Thanks to our smart algorithm, the levels of exposure, color and brightness between pictures will be automatically adjusted and merged while stitching. This will leave you with a great, homogenous panorama.

Detecting moving objects
When shooting panoramas, sometimes it’s inevitable to capture moving cars, persons, clouds etc. Those moving objects could then appear in two different photos, which will be stitched. Our algorithms detect this movement and compensate it to avoid “ghosting”.
18 types of Projections supported, including Small Planets
Depending on the use of your panorama (virtual tours, printing, architectural projections, marketing material etc.), you may want to have it projected in one format or another.
Equirectangular (For spherical panos)
Cubic, 6 Faces
Cylindrical (for printing and QTVR)
Fisheye Equidistance Full Frame
Fisheye Stereographics Full Frame
Transverse Mercator
Lambert Equal
Lambert Azimuthal
Albers Equal Area Conical
Miller Cylindrical
Fisheye Orthographic Fullframe
Fisheye Equisolid Fullframe

Batch Stitching
If you want to stitch various panoramas, waiting times during the individual High-Quality Stitching processes can take up a lot of your valuable time. Therefore, 3DVista Stitcher offers a “Send to Batch” Option, which allows you to edit and pre-stitch (low-quality stitch to see what the panorama would look like) your panorama and then send it to Batch to be stitched later on. Then, you continue to pre-stitch the next panorama and do the same. At the very end you can initiate the high-quality stitching process of all panoramas in the Batch together.

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