Valentina Studio Pro 11.4.5

Valentina Studio is the best way to transform your data into meaningful information; create, administer, query and explore MySQL, Postgre MariaDB, MS SQL Server and SQLite databases.

Valentina Studio Pro Features & Benefits At a Glance Report Designer:

Visual design layout tools turn queries into reports; live preview

Toolbox of controls, html, barcodes, charts, graphs and more
Sub-reports, regions, groups
Easy add macros, expressions

Print to all standard paper formats, set gutter, margin, max records per page
Deploy Report projects for Valentina Reports ADK applications
Deploy Report projects to Valentina Server

Forward Engineering:

Visual Diagram Editor generates new databases

Toolbox of controls, labels, comments, procedures, tables, views
Generate scripts, copy scripts into your app code
Easy visual navigation of very large diagrams

Database Continuous Integration:
Create | Save | Load database schema snapshots in structured format
Register | Commit | Increment database source control with any VCS
Generate Migrate scripts

Forms Editor:
Drag-create controls, widgets & layouts to create forms visually
Attach and write custom methods in JavaScript

Forms work work with any supported datasource including PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS SQL Server, SQLite and ValentinaDB

Upload Forms to Valentina Projects on Valentina Server

Deploy forms through free Valentina Studio on Windows, MacOS and Linux

Query Builder:

Build SQL queries with just a few clicks and no code writing

Edit built queries in Data Editor and save to Snippets library
Copy your SQL queries to use in any application

See all the details of differences in Tables, Links and more
Generate scripts to execute to modify databases

Data Transfer:

Copy records between two different databases
Specify mapping of source/target Tables and Fields
Log details and observe the transfer and result

Download Valentina Studio Pro 11.4.5