Download WaterProof PHPEdit

PHPEdit is a complete integrated development environement for PHP. Much more than a simple editor, it helps you carr

y out your projects in a friendly and efficient way, with a single tool integrating all the features you will need from the design of your projects, their documentation, to their deployement.
Key features:

PHP4 and PHP5 support

Syntax highlighting, code auto completion

Templates (PHP, PHPDoc, New file)

Code folding (Classes, functions and PHPDoc)

Real time syntax checking


Quick navigation in the source

Automatic insertion (braces, square brakets)

Token match

Comment/uncomment the PHP code

PHP explorer view (Projet)

Open resource (File / function)

PHP manual integration

File/project/PHP explorers (Outlines)

Advanced code formatting (tabs, parenthesis, spaces and empty lines)

Search and remplace in files

Tasks (TODO)

Project dependencies management (Project Include Path)

Drag and drop or open from the file explorer

Easy creation of new files

Download WaterProof PHPEdit