TreeDBNotes Pro 4.36.01

TreeDBNotes-ProTreeDBNotes Pro is a universal information manager including a note organizer, contacts, passwords and tasks, as well as a calendar, alarm clock, reminders, and many other useful features. Easily import and export – you can synchronize data with other programs. Password protection, encryption and backup will keep data safe. Easy portability, small size, multiple language support and a nice user-friendly interface will make the program your friend and helper at home, work and travel.

Notes Organizer
The Notes Manager is a powerful, convenient and compact means for storing notes, documentation, help files, e-books and other information. Basic editing functions: font, color, paragraph, table. Additional features: templates, styles, quick sentences, user variables, and import and export functions. It is possible to encrypt the whole document, or password protect any part of it (the tree, or folder). Using advanced features such as history, tag cloud, preview, bookmarks and hyperlinks make you more productive and comfortable.

Contacts Organizer
The Contact manager of TreeDBNotes allows you to store, manage, and with the import and export functions, synchronize contacts with other sources. For example, you can import contacts from a mobile phone, edit and put them in contact Google. Additional functions that are available: web search, copy to clipboard, links, attachments, notes, etc.

Passwords Organizer
The Password Manager allows you to store passwords, account details and other personal information in a safe and convenient location. If necessary, you can encrypt the whole document, or password-protect the tree, or folder.

Task Organizer
The task manager allows you to manage tasks; you can import, export, print, sort, and perform other operations. Additional functions are available, such as: web search, copy to clipboard, add links, add attachments, etc.

What’s new in version 4.36.01:
– New: Metro Blue theme
– Fix: exception when printing
– Fix: save table border in html
– Fix: optimization (faster formatting and redrawing)
– Fix: export to DocX files
– Fix: touch screen support
– Fix: font antialiasing
– Fix: smooth image scaling

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