WavePurity Professional 7.95

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WavePurityWavePurity’s digital filters can eliminate interfering crackling and noise from your old recordings. You will have reconditioned high-quality music titles of almost CD quality.

WavePurity can revise automatically an entire part of a record by detecting the titles and editing wave files. They are ready now for burning on a CD. Wave Purity is easy in handling and an excellent shareware.

WavePurity includes powerful tools, editors and filters for editing audio files. It supports the data formats WAV and MP3 .


Audio replay, audio recorder
Comfortable audio editor
Numerous digital filters for editing, noise elimination, and error correction
Real-time frequency display (spectrum with FFT)
Real-time oscilloscope that can be triggered
Real-time software equalizer
Song list management

Track processor for automatic, overnight batch processing

Signal generators and wobble generator for frequency response measurement

Audio CD burn module in the professional version

Audio file formats
Microsoft RIFF PCM (WAV)
Microsoft RIFF ACM (WAV) – (Audio Compression Manager)
Microsoft AVI Video (AVI) – (Audio Track Import)
MPEG audio Layer III (MP3)
WavePurity PCM or 4.Bit-ADPCM (WPU)
Additional audio formats as plug-ins are available – (Professional Version)

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