mySongBook Player 1.0.2 r11370

mSBmySongBook Player is an easy to use application that you can use to access a library of tablature/sheet music and a score player to read, learn, and print out songs.

That library has been set up by Arobas Music, creator of the Guitar Pro software , and it offers legal scores written by professional musicians. One can fin new, previously unreleased arrangements for string instruments (guitar, ukulele, bass, and banjo), and full scores with detailed transcriptions of every track in the original pieces.

Specially designed arrangements are proposed for beginning as well as for advanced musicians. To make your choice of sheet music, browse the previews and 30-second audio samples, and enjoy unlimited access to a new free score everyday.

Scores in mySongBook are available for purchasing, the price depends on the levels of difficulty and the number of tracks the songs comprise.

For each song you buy, you get the possibility to open it in mySongBook Player to listen to the score at various tempos, mute some tracks, play a chosen selection in loop with progressive increase of its tempo, use the metronome, and choose among different display options for notation (standard, tablature, and slash). A connection to the Internet is needed to access it.

From AC/DC to ZZ Top, to Django Reinhardt, new titles will appear online weekly.

Here are some key features of “mySongBook Player”:

The music you love with a couple of mouse clicks:
mySongBook will give you access to full tablature scores and to songbooks. To make your choice, browse the previews and 30-second pre-listening samples. Explore, listen, and play your favourite tunes on mySongBook for only 0.99€, 1.99€, or 2.99€ per music score.
An interactive music-score player:
The software environment allows you to use a great number of tools for playing and practicing music scores. You will easily be able to play the scores at various speeds (adjustable tempo), mute some tracks, loop a selection and make it play increasingly faster, use the metronome, and display various kinds of notation (standard, tablature, and slash).
Legal sheet music transcribed by professional musicians:
From Led Zeppelin to Pantera or Django Reinhardt, mySongBook offers full scores for legendary songs that are absolutely accurate. Each score has been subject to multiple checks to make sure it corresponds to the original recording as closely as possible. You will thus find in it all of the riffs, solos, accompaniments, and overdubs of your favourite pieces.
Previously unreleased arrangements:
For guitarists who prefer playing on their own, our musicians have concocted arrangements of pop, rock, and blues classics for all levels (from beginners to advanced musicians). We have not forgotten ukulele and banjo players either, as we offer them some specially designed tablature scores.
Your mySongBook account:
You need to set up your mySongBook account, so you can store in it all of the scores you purchase. You do need Internet connection to have access to it. This account will give you instant access to your scores, which you can then print out whenever you like.

Download mySongBook Player 1.0.2 r11370