1Step DVD Copy v4.5.1

Dvd1Step DVD Copy is a complete solution for ripping, copying and backing up DVDs. Backup all your DVD video to your PC or DVD disks. Copy DVDs to your portable media like iPod or iPhone or rip them to DivX format.

Key Benefits:

complete solution for DVD copying needs
copies both protected and unprotected DVDs
copies to PC, iPod, iPhone and DviX formats
perfect for backing up DVD movies to PC or DVD disks
near original video quality at only 10% of space
customizable video, audio, subtitle settings and more
copying just the movie, without forced intro video

1Step DVD Copy offers many settings and customizations enabling you to complete all your DVD copying / ripping tasks just the right way. You can chose the video track, audio track, subtitles track, output format and much more.

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