DbVisualizer Pro 12.1.3

DbVisualizer-ProDbVisualizer is a database tool for developers and database administrators, helping you with both the development and maintenance of your databases. It is the perfect solution since the same tool can be used on all major operating systems accessing a wide range of databases. Tree based navigation through all database objects. Browse object details and invoke management features. Visual support to create, alter and modify characteristics for database objects such as tables. Edit and compile support for procedures, functions, packages and triggers. Extensive database specific support. Support for editing table data including binary/BLOB and CLOB data types, import from file.

Support Oracle, DB2, Mimer, SQL Server, Sybase ASE, Informix, MySQL, PostgreSQL and JavaDB/Derby

Database connection wizard
Organize database connections in folders

Parameterized connection data
• Supports multiple simultaneous database connections

Connect to a database with a single click
A tree structure to browse database objects
View information for tables, indexes, primary keys, privileges, schemas, databases, procedures and a lot more

Database objects filtering
Sort database connections and folders
Search database objects
Drag and drop support

Create and edit Procedure, Function, Package, Trigger

Export Table Data to SQL or XML files
View BMP, TIFF, PNG, GIF and JPEG images
View XML data in tree or text format

Import table data from CSV files
Automatic Data Type Detection
Extensive collection of tool properties
Set unique properties per database connection
Permissions checks what commands need confirmation

Whats New:

DB Support: Vertica Add support for Vertica in DbVisualizer Pro
SQL Editor Make it possible to set the caret color in the SQL editor

DB Support: MySQL YEAR(4) values are not being displayed correctly and cannot be edited in the grid
DB Support: NuoDB The column names in the Index DDL are incorrect
DB Support: PostgreSQL Running a erroneous query in auto-commit off mode will result in a result set never being editable due to the 25P02 error in PostgreSQL
Database Objects Tree Windows: Opening a floating window using key bindings may display the new window behind the main window
[http://www.dbvis.com/forum/thread.jspa?threadID=4303 ]
Export Exporting in XmlDataSet and FlatXmlDataSet format adds the unnecessary DbVisualizer-Export tag
Import Preserve import window size and position during session
[http://www.dbvis.com/forum/thread.jspa?threadID=4923 ]
SQL Commander Execution error may lead to rare NullPointerException situations
SQL Editor The spacing between characters is incorrect when using a some fonts, like 14 points Menlo Plain, on a Mac with Retina display
SQL Editor The Find/Replace dialog does not use the selected text for “Find what” the first time it is displayed

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