Amazing iPhone Transfer 5.1.18

iphone_transferAmazing iPhone Transfer software is an useful qualified iPhone Manager both for iPhone and iPad/iPod users. It offers Apple users the best and easiest solution to move iPhone files to computer for backup or copy files from your computer to iPhone. Sharing files from iPhone with another iOS device is also possible for this smart tool. Various files are supported by iPhone transfer including music, movie, pictures, TV shows, Podcast, iTunes U, eBooks, Camera Roll, ringtone, SMS, Contacts, voice memos, camera shot. And it supports all versions of iPhone/iPad/iPad, including the latest devices and versions of iTunes.

Manage Everything on Your iPhone, iPad & iPod. Superb functions of iOS Transfer
Can’t find your photos of your iPhone any longer? Want to recover all the important data of a dead or broken iPhone? iPhone stuck in recovery mode after updating to iOS 7? Are you still trapped into this massy situation? iOS Transfer is your saviour, it empowers you to transfer music, videos, playlists, Podcast, iTunes U between iPhone/iPad/iPod and iTunes/PC/Mac easily and freely. Besides, it has much more functions:
Don’t just copy files to iTunes & PC: Also transfer files from PC & iTunes to your iPhone, iPod, iPad.
Convert music & video: Automatically convert to iDevice-compatible formats during transfer.
Copy photos between Apple devices and PC: Export photos to your iDevice or save to your PC to print & share.
Fully manage your iPhone contacts: Manage contacts: Edit, import, remove duplicates & more.
Directly transfer between Apple devices: Transfer music, photos, contacts and more from one Apple device to another.

Export Music on Your iDevices to iTunes & PC with Ratings, Play Counts & Skips
Lost your iTunes library? Whether you’ve replaced your PC, or reinstalled your OS—if you forgot to backup your iTunes library—you’ve lost all your music, videos and more on iTunes. Even if all media is still on your iPhone/iPad/iPod, next time you sync with iTunes, they’ll be wiped out. What can you do? iOS Transfer can restore your iTunes Library in a few clicks. It even prevents iTunes from syncing your iPhone/iPad/iPod.
Export music from your iPhone/iPad/iPod to iTunes & PC with just one click, including ratings, play counts, skips and more.
Transfer videos, iTunes U, Podcasts & more to iTunes/PC easily.
Backup playlists, including smart playlists, to iTunes with ease.

Transfer & Manage Photos between iPhone, iPad, iPod and PC
Stored numerous photos on your iPhone, iPad or iPod? iOS Transfer is capable of managing your entire photos easily and intuitively. You can drag out the whole photos and back them up on your PC, external hard drive or any other Apple devices with a few clicks. So that all your stuff are saved!
Transfer photos between iPhone, iPad and PC – just “Drag”&”Drop”.
Create new photo albums on iPhone, iPad or iPod and even add photos to your albums.
Save iPhone photos to PC or external drives so you can easily make slideshows.
Delete multiple photos from iPhone, iPad to free up more space.

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