Neonway 120 Guitar and Piano Chords 1.2 Portable

Neonway-120-Guitar-and-Piano-ChordsI have long wanted to learn to play guitar or keyboards? This program is now before you: Guitar and Piano Chords You will be able to immediately and without experience to play chords on guitar and piano, Grand piano, Hammond organ, synthesizer and other keyboard instruments!

This app contains more than 120 chords. These are all the chords you need to know in order to accompany any song! The program is user friendly and has an intuitive, simple and friendly interface with support of retina.

The capabilities and features of the program.
* Listen to the sound of the selected chord.
* Show the chords in the form of notes, in the form of keys and photos.
* Drag and drop the image into editable documents.
* Create a sequence of chords for your favorite songs, as well as write, delete, and upload them.
* Avoid singing voice of the dwarf, after transposing chords in a convenient tone.
* Button Sound On / Off” allows you to control the sequence of chords without having to press the play button.
* Support full-screen mode.
* 64-bit Intel architecture.
* 120PianoChords available now for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch!

Immerse yourself completely in the world of harmony and get unforgettable pleasure from the process of creating Your own original music!

Downlaod Neonway 120 Guitar and Piano Chords 1.2 Portable