Apowersoft Screen Recording Suite 3.3.3

Apowersoft-Screen-Recording-SuiteScreen Recording Suite is a versatile and professional screen recorder, which is a good combination of screen recorder and video editor for windows. It can record every onscreen activity from computer to make movies for tutorial or training. Any live streaming video or audio file on screen can be recorded in real-time inerrably. Except recording audio from computer system, the program also supports to record external voice via microphone. Plus, it can record web camera video. When you click “Web camera”, the program will connect with your webcam to record webcam steams.

What make this screen recording program distinctive is its character to create schedule task. It enables people to start and stop recording in customized duration. Thus, people can record video without confining to wait in front of computer.

After recording, the program will save the recording to WMV format file acquiescently. You can add the video into editing area to process. The built-in video editor has the features to crop, trim, convert and compress the video. The final video can be output to different video formats, such as AVI, MKV, MP4, SWF, FLV and 3GP etc. It especially designs popular format for Apple, Android and Sony device. Therefore, you can transfer the video to your portable devices, or upload to blog and video sharing websites to share with the world.

Recording contents from your screen, desktop, webcam and video input devices.
Record all desktop activities for later playback and create voice-over presentation. You are entitled to record any portion of the screen, including full screen, select window etc. Add in Music tracks, audio from Microphone and computer. Take pictures from computer screen and save it as standard image format file.

Record streaming video
Record streaming videos and TV shows from online websites. The Screen Recording Suite can apply to any websites, which enables you to download any videos you want from hot video sharing sites.
Record YouTube Videos
Record Hulu TV Shows
Record Live Streaming Videos
Record videos from Games

Record streaming audio
Record sound, streaming audio from all audio devices including microphone, sound card and external sound devices.
The build-in Audio editor makes it easy to record, import, modify sound and synchronize audio with video. It is extremely useful if you want to download music, news, ringtone from music site, radio stations etc.

Handy video edit options
The built-in video editor can trim and crop videos, adjust the brightness, contrast, video resolution, size and frame rate. The most important thing is to convert video, audio among different formats. No matter what the original format of the recorded streaming videos is, you are able to convert the video into various regular formats like AVI, WMV, MP4, 3GP, MKV, SWF, FLV, MPEG etc. It also can convert video to the formats specially suitable for Apple, Android and Sony. This powerful conversion function greatly satisfies the needs of your digital players such as iPod, iPhone, PSP, Zune, iPad and cell phones etc.

Record video form web camera
It is available to record video from web camera, which is compatible with most IM software such as GTalk, Skype, Messenger, AIM, Yahoo Messenger etc. Save the recorded video to the format you want, then you can export it to your portable devices or upload them to video sharing websites or blogs immediately.

Add captions and notes to your recorded Videos
Screen Recording Suite allows you to add captions and notes for your video recordings. By doing so, the video will be more vivid.

Built-in PowerPoint Plug-in
Click built-in PowerPoint Plug-in, the Screen Recording Suite will record PowerPoint presentation to video formats file. You can choose to convert the video format, if necessary.

Sharing and publishing video recorded flexibly
The final step in creating a stunning video presentation is to share it with your audience. One choice is to upload the video to video sharing sites like YouTube, Dailymotion with video formats like MP4, AVI. Another choice is to publish it as small-sized Flash movie which can be inserted into your own website. Screen recording suite can generate flash demo webpage directly.

Download Apowersoft Screen Recording Suite 3.3.3