SDL Trados Studio 2021 SR1 Professional

SDL-Trados-Studio-2014SDL Trados Studio is the culmination of 30 years of experience in translation technology. In this time we have continually listened and learnt from our customers, to ensure we continue to provide the best possible translation experience.

Studio continues this ethos by delivering new features to help you translate faster, a customizable translation environment and new ways to help you improve translation quality.
Maintain translation memory quality with updates from target files
Maintain higher quality translation memories and experience faster review times with the ability to automatically update your translation memory (TM) from a reviewed target file.

Studio now allows users to import changes from your bilingual file to the main TM without the need to manual update processes.
Consistent standards with Translation Quality Assessment
Create your own preferred way of reviewing and assessing translation quality. Offering a choice of well-established linguistic models as well as the ability to create your own, the new Translation Quality Assessment (TQA) feature of Studio 2015 provides a way to perform quality assessment that ensures higher consistency whilst maintaining objectivity, no matter who is completing the assessment task.
No more typos with AutoCorrect
Speed up your projects whilst ensuring translation quality with AutoCorrect. This new feature will identify and correct errors as you type, meaning less time is required to review your work.
Easily and quickly translate PDFs
It can often be frustrating receiving an image or PDF to translate but the new built in OCR reader in Studio 2015 will make translating PDFs and images much easier, even if they have been created from a scanned document.

Translate faster with new and improved AutoSuggest
Receive smarter suggestions as you type and increase your productivity. Autosuggest now includes the ability to leverage Machine Translation and translation memories to provide sub-segment concordance and fuzzy match results, meaning you can type less and translate more.
More flexible use of translation memories with AnyTM
Enjoy complete flexibility over your translation memories (TM) with AnyTM. Users can now select their preferred TM on any project, even if the language pairs are different to those of your project; ideal for languages with multiple variants. AnyTM also allows you to reverse the direction of your TM and easily work with mixed source language files.
Fast access to symbols and characters
Regularly used symbols and characters are now automatically added to the Studio 2015 ribbon the first time you select them, making it quicker and easier to work with special symbols and characters.
Use bookmarks to keep your notes
Bookmark translations as you work by marking or commenting on any segment. Bookmarks are easy to manage via a separate window and user can also jump to the last edited segment when you open your bilingual file.
Smart support when translating multilingual Excel files
Especially useful for the gaming industry, users can now isolate the columns of a Microsoft Excel file that are to be translated as well extract the related comments and easily access them within Studio 2015.
Make Studio your own
People use translation software in many different ways, and no one way of working fits all.

Studio caters for this by enabling you to personalize the interface to suit you. You can create your own personal ribbon tool bars by picking the features that you want to appear, giving you control over how you access your most used functionality.

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