iSafe Keylogger Pro 7.0.0

isafeiSafe Keylogger PRO is a powerful monitoring software designed for parental control, employee monitoring, password and computer activity logging. It can be used to log any keystroke, take screenshot, save login password (such as Facebook login password, Windows login password, website password and so forth), log website visited, record bidirectional IM and SNS chatting, catch the cheating spouse, strict children’s website surfing and PC usage, deter employee stealing company sensitive data and information.

Not like other keyloggers, iSafe Keylogger can be used as an audio surveillance tool. It monitors and records sounds in your room via your computer microphone. This especially needed since you can monitor chats conversations made using the microphone and listen to any activity in your room. You can configure the keylogger to start recording only when the sound level is above a defined threshold, which is known as voice-activation recording software, so that disk space and time will be conserved by not wasting recording/listening time when nobody is actually talking. This feature is usually sold as a sole product.

Although iSafe Keylogger is comprehensive and powerful, it is characterized by its simplicity and stability. Anyone, including newcomer of computer, can understand how to use it. iSafe Keylogger comes with conspicuous features of efficiency, reliability, and invisibility and remote monitoring, which make it the most flexible and robust computer monitoring software in the market. Just go and get this comprehensive indispensable program for computer activity monitoring and surveillance!

100% invisible keylogger
keylogger hiding in Task Manager, system tray icon, Windows Add/Remove Programs, Windows Start Menu/Desktop and Windows Control Panel. Furthermore, its installation folder is also hidden.

Log any keystroke(including password)
iSafe keystroke recorder is the only surveillance tool in the world that is both keyboard layout and input language / method independent. No matter what kind of lesser-known language is used, it can record all keystrokes typed, such as German, Spanish, French, Arabic, Italian, Indian, Chinese Input Method and so on. A lesser-known language keylogger.

Screen snapshots(Multi-screen display supported)
– Multi-screen display screenshot: supporting up to 16 displays. Saving screenshots when left mouse button clicking. Screenshots can be stored in either black-and-white or true-color format to save disk space.

Clipboard monitoring
Monitoring clipboard (copy, paste, Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V)

User activities
Latest file opened, program used, windows opened and closed, file copied, moved, deleted and received.

Website visited(Web browser independent logging engine)
Capture any visited URLs, language independent and Web Browser independent.

Email Sent & Received
Bi-mail sent to intercepting, including attachments and receipts

Facebook/Social Networks
Recording Facebook login password, chats, friend profiles

Chats/IM’s (both sides!)
Recording two direction chats of popular IM, such as Skype, MSN, ICQ, Yahoo messager, Facebook messenger, AIM

Online Searches(Google,Yahoo, AOL, Bing …)
Recording the keywords and phrases used to search on Search Engines

Keyword Alerts
Parents monitoring kids or Bosses monitoring employees can set certain sensitive words or phrases. When one of them typed, an alert email will be triggered and sent to administrator.

Voice-Activation Microphone Surveillance
Voice recording: Voice activated recording capability. Armed by this feature, you can play the recording files which only contain effective sounds. This feature is exclusive which can greatly reduce the disk space occupying.

Instant Alerts & Activity Reports(to Email, Google Drive, FTP)
Well organized activity reports will generate timely, which is just like common webpages containing text, picture, sound track, and send to the destination you set previously so you can check them just like reading a website or movie.

Top 10 Summary Reports
iSafe Keylogger PRO log console analyzes all types of logs and give a top 10 report to show you which website is most frequently visited, file opened, contacts emailed, keywords searched and more.

Compliant with popular antivirus
Our technological innovation makes sure our monitoring tools work well with antispy and antivirus softwares.

Self deleting keylogger
No trace will be left after deletion. It will delete itself when the command of uninstall is detected by email.

Document Tracking
Documents opened and transferred to IM contacts or uploaded to internet server, FTP server, printed.

Features in iSafe Keylogger Pro 7:
– Powerful keylogger: log any keystroke, Windows login password, facebook password
– Invisible keylogger: no trace in Windows taskbar, task manager list, explorer
– Easy-to-use keylogger: even novice computer users can easily use it
– Unmatched stability: rigorously tested for two months before released
– Support for Windows 8.1/8/7/Vista/2003/XP/2000.
– Bug fixes and enhancements

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