MKey 1.3

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mkeyNowadays multimedia keyboards (with a lot of additional keys) are common, but usually these keys doesn’t perform any actions. With MKey user can use these keys to perform various actions. The main purpose of MKey (MediaKey) is configuration actions when you press on additional keys of multimedia keyboards. This program is also used when working with default keyboards without additional keys. It is possible to assign keyboard shortcuts combined with modifiers Ctrl, Shift, Win and Alt. It is a good alternative to programs that default supplied with most of keyboards. With the ability to use plugins MKey also works with mouse, remote control via WinLirc and with other input devices.


Multimedia – Complete set of functions for working with WinAmp 2/3/5 and AIMP
– Mediaplayers control: Windows Media Player, JetAudio 5/6, foobar2000, Quintessential, Zoom Player, Apollo, BSPlayer, Light Alloy, iTunes, Crystal Player, Media Player Classic HC
– Volume control with changing step and choice of audio device
– CD-ROM control: open/close/play/pause/next/тАж

System management – Run the standard and user programs in various modes
– Open system and user folders
– Control Explorer: copy/paste/тАж
– Actions with windows (minimize all/maximize/close/set on top/disable/minimize to system tray/тАж)
– Power Management: power off/reboot/standby/hibernate/monitor on-off/screensaver/… with the ability to perform the action on timer
– Change keyboard layout, temporary change layout
– Change desktop wallpapers
– Connect/disconnect network connections

Work with other applications – Control browsers Internet Explorer/Opera/Firefox
– Actions with documents: Open/Save/New/Print/Undo/Redo
– Actions with mail: Forward/Reply/Send mail
– Sends and emulates keys pressing and their combinations in windows of other programs

Additional features – Customized OSD menu with a lot of features
– Customized PopUp messages with a lot of features
– Pasting and displaying of date and time in specified template
– Pasting text
– Special pasting of text, keys
– Creation of screenshots with automatic saving
– Supports 10 additional clipboards
– Low resource consumption
– Support for settings profiles
– Configuring shortcuts for individual applications
– Emulating keystrokes
– Emulation of mouse keys clicks, cursor movement, scrolling
– Change and reassign keys and combinations
– Record and playback keystrokes (macros)
– Ability to work with a remote control through WinLirc
– Ability to work with a mouse
– The possibility of separate use of modifiers Shift\Alt\… to left and right (LShift\RShift\…)
– Extension of program features with help of plugins

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