Download SharpPlus Sqlite Developer

Sqlite Developer, a powerful database manager that will manage sqlite3 database. Features: Power SQL Editor with syntax highlight, autocomplete, unicode support, unicode support, data type mapping, query builder, visual schema management, viewer and editor of field as text, Hex, HTML or image, live update, export/import data, and support of loadable extension and virtual table.

– Power SQL Editor
– Sqlite Sql Syntax Highlight
– Sql history
– Sql keyword autocomplete
– Parenthesis matching
– Table/View/Field Autocomplete
– Live Sql Syntax Check
– Unicode support
– SQL Formatter
– Supports ansi, utf8 and utf16 data encoding and decoding.
– Customizable Data Type Mapping.
– Execute multiple sql separated by semi colon.
– SQL Monitor.
– Visual Query Builder.
– Visual tables ,views ,trigger and index management.
– View and edit field as Text , Hex , HTML or bmp, jpeg, gif.
– View and edit temporary tables, views and triggers.
– Query plan.
– LiveUpdate.
– Export data to sql,csv,excel, word, html, xml.
– Import data from csv, sqlite database.
– Extract db schema and data.
– Treeview style db explorer with smart filter
– Attach and Detach databases(New)
– Find in Database Schema
– Cancel long-time query
– Support loadable extension and virtual table
– Multilanguage support (English, Japanese, Simple Chinese)

Download SharpPlus Sqlite Develope