Norton Utilities Premium

Symantec-Norton-UtilitiesNorton Utilities  – The fastest way to a faster PC.

Cleans up, tunes up and speeds up your PC to help it run like new. Helps your old PC run like new. Speeds PC startup. Fixes common PC problems. Repairs hard drive problems and frees up hard drive space.

Fixes common PC problems and helps keep your computer running fast and trouble-free
Finds and fixes issues in Microsoft® Windows® to prevent PC freezes, crashes and slow downs.

Scans for potential problems that can cause your hard drive to crash.
Helps you “rescue” accidentally deleted or damaged files that may still be retrievable on your hard drive.… [ Read more ]

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Norton Bootable Recovery Tool v7.0.0.18 Portable

norton-bootable-recovery-toolGets your computer back up and running if it becomes so infected that it won’t work properly or even start. If you are unable to remove threats using the regular scanner in your Norton product or if your computer will not start, use the Norton Bootable Recovery Tool to get the problem resolved fast.

Store your copy of the Norton Bootable Recovery Tool in a safe place. If you encounter an emergency situation, just insert it into your computer and follow the onscreen instructions. The Norton Bootable Recovery Tool will help start your computer in a safe environment and then start cleaning up your infected system, returning your computer to health.

Norton Bootable Recovery Tool is a Rescue tool that is available for free to everyone. You can use this tool in emergency situations to restore your computer to normal working mode. Norton Bootable Recovery Tool (NBRT) can be used to scan and remediate threats should you face difficulty installing Norton products due to a virus infection in your computer. Norton Bootable Recovery Tool can also be used to perform a virus scan in the Windows Preinstallation environment. Given the versatility of this wizard, you can burn the recovery tool … [ Read more ]

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